I am a freelance writer and editor with an interest in music and art that unpicks fixity. Some of the things I’ve written include: an essay about Karin Dreijer’s contribution to music; a profile of N.Y.C. collective and DJ agency Discwoman; an interview with author Maggie Nelson about nuance; a conversation with avant-garde cinema legend Jonas Mekas about art and spirituality; an investigation into non-consensual drugging in the music industry; a feature about the politics of design collective Metahaven; and cover stories on Grimes (2012) and Sampha (2016). Please have a read of my column about listening for NPR Music or check out some of the other stuff I’ve written.

I was the managing editor of The FADER in New York from 2014-’18. Before that, I was an editor at Dummy in London from 2009-’13. I’ve spoken on panels in Tokyo, Berlin, and Brooklyn; hosted radio shows on The Lot and NTS; given talks at the University of Warwick, Leeds College of Music, NYU Gallatin, and Syracuse University; and in spring 2019, I co-wrote a libretto for Darren Cunningham’s opera Actress X Stockhausen: SIN {X} II.

A blast from the past
In 2013, I gave this short talk about the sounds of our digital devices seeping into music.