Time is a funny old thing. If you ever get the chance, I thoroughly recommend Pip Pip: A Sideways Look At Time by Jay Griffiths. Very good book. Anyway, I mention this because before I get ready for NYE fun I feel compelled to jot down the things that made this decade the one in which I truly fell head over heels for music. I mean, really, tomorrow is just another day. But then on the other hand, today is the end of the era annoyingly dubbed the ‘noughties’. Which is as good as reason as any to get in a reflective kind of mood. And yeah, I just wanted to drop on the list bandwagon too.

These are the music-related moments/events that made my decade:

Back to Basics, Technique & Bugged Out, various nights: 1998-2004

Jockey Slut

Leeds Student Radio: Summer 2002

Earth Wind & Fire at Hammersmith Apollo: March 2004

Joe Zawinul at Ronnie Scott’s: May 2004

Depeche Mode at Manchester MEN Arena: March 2006

All Tomorrow’s Parties: 2006 & 2009

The end of The End: a sad day in January 2009

Dummy: relaunched February 2009…4eva

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