I admit I am quite excitable but 2010 is already sounding very exciting. So much new music from new artists. So many new albums from bands I already love. And then there are all the rediscoveries. I recently got into Ghostape, an amazing Swiss producer who makes these really simple but thoroughly exciting a cappella ‘n’ beats jams. They just kind of sneak up and get you. Really good.

Back to the rediscovery. I was being lazy, doing a search for ‘ghost’ on my iTunes so I could listen to Ghostape. And what it threw up was one of my favourite songs of all time, one I’d somehow managed to neglect over the last few months: Japan ‘Ghosts’. Oh man. What a song. All that space. All that pain. All that beauty.

Anyway, it made me want to put together a little playlist. Some of the artists have new music out this year. Can’t wait. Click the green link to open the playlist in your Spotify player: Twenty Ten

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