The internet can sometimes feel suffocating. That is no grand statement, merely a watered down echo of a billion similar utterances before it. While the breadth and depth of this virtual world of ours can tower, it’s the pace that really gets to me. The urgency is seductive for a little while but it’s like trying to chase tornados: sooner or later you’re going to be swept up with the swirling picket fences and braying farm animals.

That’s why Connan Mockasin‘s 10-minute masterpiece ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ is the most vital track of this new decade so far. It doesn’t even really get going until 4 minutes in. 4 minutes! That’s a whole minute longer than the supposedly perfect pop song. This is a song that unravels in its own time. That demands you match your pulse to its. That has a sensory impact far beyond the aural. It manifests like heavily scented smoke rings; sinking, soothing, slowing. It’s a lullaby to the pleasure principal; a Pied Piper-esque call to luxuriate in a physical, rather than virtual, here and now. Tune in, lean back, stretch out. What’s the rush, after all?

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