Sitting by the open window in my living room, arms raised up above the back of my chair, shoulder muscles stretching deliciously, a soft breeze stroking my face, I think: remember this. Record this sensation. This moment right here, now; save it. And I will remember sitting by a window in the sunshine but it won’t be this window, on this day. It will be a remembered idea of sitting by a window, a layering of memories of many open windows over many summers. Sensation can be recalled yet not truly remembered. It is wholly connected to the body and of the moment. That said, more than anything else, music can take you closest to remembering a sensation. A recreated sensation perhaps. Lose yourself in a song you hold dear for reasons pertaining to a person, a moment or an event in a your life and you can almost almost taste that time again. Music enables the body to remember. Remember?

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